Pastor's Page

by the Rev. Willie Israel

"I don't care"!

We hear those words more and more often.  If we say we don't care, we deny any emotional investment in the people and circumstances around us.  If we say we don't care, we can remain detached from the potential to be hurt.  Perhaps people claim not to care because caring means involvement.  Or maybe the sorrows and hurts of our lives are so overwhelming that to acknowledge the pain would be to admit our vulnerability.

Therefore it is difficult to comprehend a God who cares deeply, not only for the fate of creation, but also for the intricate patterns of each human life.  The God who made molecules and mountains, whales and woolly worms, also created humanity in infinite variety. This is the God who wove together our strands of DNA to create individuals who are unique, and at the same time intimately connected with every other human on the planet.

This Creator God crafted each of us to be a unique individual, and God continues to mold and shape our lives.  This God knows all of our strengths and weaknesses, all of our problems and all of our potential.  God knows how each of our lives fits in with all life on earth.

The marvel of this is that God cares.  God loves us enough to rejoice and to mourn with us.  God loves us enough to want a relationship with us, to be vulnerable to us, to die for us.  Because God cares for us and embraces us as a loving parent, we can learn to trust.  And because we trust God, we can learn to care.