Pastor's Page

by the Rev. Willie Israel

Homegrown Evangelism!

For the past few weeks,  we have been learning how God empowers all Christians to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We don't need special training;  we don't need a lot of money or fancy technology.  We only need the conviction of our faith and the willingness to let God use our words,  our actions, and our lives as witness to our resurrected Lord.

We live in a post-modern world that questions everything.  Our culture moves rapidly from today's innovation to tomorrow's fad,  even as old values are given the status of  "quaint"  or  "obsolete".  Society has become so heavily reliant on secular education and financial gain that our natural human yearning for a relationship with God is often shuffled aside.

Increasingly,  however,  members of the newer generations are searching for spiritual meaning in their lives.  If they have not had the benefit of Christian education,  all they will know about our faith is what is being offered in popular culture,  or what they see in us,  the followers of Jesus Christ.

Since we never know when or where we will come in contact with someone who needs to know the Savior,  we must always be prepared to give our witness.   We can witness by letting our joy show.  We can witness by being loving and patient listeners.  We can witness by sharing the stories of our own experience of God's presence in our lives,  And we can witness by caring enough to invite someone to come and worship with us.

God may be ready to use our witness today to move one of his children another step closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Let us look at each new day,  and every situation as an opportunity to share the good news that the Lord is risen.