The story behind the beeswax candles and Lovefeasts


Christmas Candles

Moravians use lighted wax candles at the Christmas Eve Lovefeast. For two hundred years, the candles have been made of pure beeswax symbolizing the purity of Christ and trimmed in red paper which symbolizes the blood of Christ. The candles are given to each worshiper in a darkened church. The effect of the church brightened by hundreds of candles representing the light which came into the world with the birth of Christ is very moving



Lovefeasts originated in the practice of early Christian gatherings after Pentecost to meet and break bread together as a symbol of union and equality. The early Moravians adopted the feast as a celebration event which included prayer, religious conversation and hymn singing. Today, the lovefeast is a song service, opened with prayer. The food is usually a bread or sweet bun with coffee, tea or lemonade that is served while singing. The food is not consecrated, as in Communion and children and members of any denomination may partake. Lovefeasts are held at several special services of the year such as Christmas Eve, Great Sabbath, church anniversaries, Epiphany, Christian Family Sunday.


Candle Trimming

Lots of volunteers
sharing fellowship
Trimmed candles are placed in candle trays for upright storage to prevent the trim from being crushed

Red crepe paper
is carefully cut
by hand...
and wrapped around the candle.

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